Canicross is a brand new way for both owner and dog to become healthier and fitter through the use of the outdoors. The name Canicross comes from the two words Canine and Cross Country.
Canicross can become a way of life for you and your four legged friend! Within a couple of weeks you will find that a mile turns into two miles and so on.
To take part in Canicross you do not need experience in running, you could start off doing interval training and gradually building this into a run.
The fun part about Canicross is that it appeals to everyone! It does not matter what fitness level you have, as you will notice improvements after a matter of days.
It also opens the door to making new friends for both you and your dog. And provides time to create a special bond with your dog.
Dogs can only start competing at the age of 12 months.

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Our first litter of Black and Tan Coonhounds was born on November 23. 2017. Six males & three females. The mother of that litter is our Ulina (Necku Sound Of A Coon, born in Finland), and dad is male from Czech Republic, born in Alabama. His name is Rockytop Hammond.


Ulina or Uli, officialy Necku Sound Of A Coon, is International Champion In Beauty, Croatian Champion, Croatian Junior Champion, BiH Champion & Austrian Champion and Best In Show Winner.

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Kennel Totegnac is registered at Fédération Cynologique Internationale, we are members of Croatian Kennel Club and Toy Dog Club Zagreb. We are situated 25 kilometers west from Zagreb, capital city of Croatia. More about our french bulldogs at