Necku Sound Of A Coon

Ulina or Uli arrived in our home as a nine-month-old female from Finland at the beginning of November 2013. Her officialy name is Necku Sound Of A Coon, her mom is  born in California - known as Grammy (officially Jazzman Necku I Found On Ace) and dad is American and Finnish champion Denis or - as his official name is - Foxfire-Iainliam Arn'd and Dangerous.

Croatian newspaper 24sata published story about Missy, raccoon that escaped from a British zoo. And there is a photo of our Ulina with caption: "No raccoons in Croatia, but there is one coonhound" 

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Our first litter of Black and Tan Coonhounds was born on November 23. 2017. Six males & three females. The mother of that litter is our Ulina (Necku Sound Of A Coon, born in Finland), and dad is male from Czech Republic, born in Alabama. His name is Rockytop Hammond.


Ulina or Uli, officialy Necku Sound Of A Coon, is International Champion In Beauty, Croatian Champion, Croatian Junior Champion, BiH Champion & Austrian Champion and Best In Show Winner.

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